If you’re contemplating getting another car, you might be tempted to go for one that has the newest technology. Over the years, the car industry has packed more high-tech gadgets into their cars. Some of the new features have migrated from Formula One, while others have been developed especially for the car market. Here are some of the best technology ideas that you can find in cars at the moment.

Piloted Parking

If you have ever had to navigate parking lots at the weekend or in rush hour, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Not only do you have to search for a vacant space, but you also need to try and park your car in the space. However, with piloted parking, you can eliminate both of these chores. All you need to do is leave your car in a specially designated parking lot, and leave the car in the drop-off area. You can then search for a vacant space on your mobile phone app and then the car will drive to the space and park itself. The car uses Light Detection and Ranging cameras to help it find its way around the lot and avoid objects. This type of technology used to only be seen on new cars, but now it’s more and more common to see used cars equipped with it.

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspots

For those people who never want to be far from a good Wi-Fi hotspot, you can now get them in your cars. They are usually sold as an optional extra, but they offer an impressive range and can support multiple devices up to 150 feet away. It means that you need to take out an additional contract for your car, and the manufacturers all have their preferred carriers. However, if you want the convenience of your Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you go, it will be worth the additional cost.

Airless Tyres

Most drivers will tell you that they probably don’t check their tyre pressures as often as you should. Having tyres that are underinflated can not only cause your fuel consumption to increase, but it can also be unsafe. However, there could be a solution on the horizon, Bridgestone Tyres have been working on a new type of tyre that replaces the air with a thermoplastic material that is strong enough to support the weight of the car. The tyre would not only be safer and puncture resistant; it would also be 100% recyclable. It means that in the future, you may never have to change a wheel on the side of the road again.

Along with the airless tyres and the piloted parking, other new gadgets havehelped drivers. These include tyre pressure sensors, that can alert you if your tyres drop below a certain pressure, and smart headlights that not only go into ahigh beam in dark conditions but can also help you to see better in the rain. With technology always improving, there will be more innovation just around the corner.