You don’t need to possess exceptional video making skills to create a popular YouTube channel. Anyone can make a successful video platform with a little bit of creativity and passion. To help you get off to the best possible start, find out the six things every YouTube channel needs.

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  1. A Professional Logo

Encourage trust in your videos by incorporating a professional looking logo onto your YouTube channel, which should reflect the style of your videos and image. Remember, the channel will also be connected to your Gmail account, so ensure the picture is complementary.

  1. Create Beautiful Banners

Not only do you need a branded logo, but you will also need to incorporate a branded banner into your profile. It has never been easier to create a beautiful banner, as you can utilize the YouTube channel art maker, which can help you to grow your online following. Yet, you must ensure you create a responsive banner that works on both desktop and mobile, and it must reflect your brand’s style and personality.

  1. Incorporate Social Media and Website Links

Do you want to use your YouTube channel to drive significant traffic to your website or social media platforms? If so, you should incorporate the links onto the platform, which should be visible at the top of the channel. You can therefore encourage your audience to engage with your other platforms, which could help to secure your online longevity.

  1. A Customized URL

Improve your online visibility with a customized YouTube URL. Yet, your account must meet various requirements. For instance, YouTube has stated that you can only gain a customized URL if the account is 30 days old and you have 500 or more subscribers. You will also need to have uploaded channel art and the photo must be a channel icon. Also, you can only have one custom URL, which can never be assigned or transferred to anyone else.

  1. Videos on Your Front Page

If a user likes one of your videos, you can trust they will visit your YouTube channel to watch similar videos. Yet, they might fail to subscribe if all they can find are the channels you have recently subscribed to yourself. Don’t force potential followers to click on “Videos” to find your work, instead set up a playlist to appear on your homepage, so you will never lose potential followers. Remember: always use your videos to encourage your audience to subscribe to your account!

  1. Categorize Your Playlists

Not only must you incorporate a playlist onto your YouTube homepage, but you should also categorize your videos. For example, if you provide makeup tutorials, you can dedicate a playlist to contouring, whilst creating another playlist to eye makeup tutorials. Aim to start with two or three playlists and expand as your brand and subscriber list starts to grow.

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