Sex determination

Illegal sonography clinics are still on the run in India. Recently, according to reports by DNA up to 294 cases have been filed in the country against illegal sonography clinic. State authorities across the country under the Pre-conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique have filed as many as 2,317 cases in criminal courts, states DNA . Considering these are only the ones that have been reported, the situation in the country seems worrisome. As directed by the Supreme Court, the health ministry has directed all the states to take necessary actions to stop pre-natal sex determination. The highest number of illegal sonography clinics have been found in Maharashtra(74). In other places in India the number of illegal sonography are:

  • Delhi(54)
  • Haryana(41)
  • Chhattisgarh(31)
  • Punjab(25)
  • Uttar Pradesh(18)
  • Rajasthan(15)

The National Family Health Survey has it in their data that a significant number of illegal sonography centres have a direct link with the lowering of the female population in the state. This is a result of selective sex abortions. Unfortunately, the female fetuses have to face the ire of the situation. The demand of a male child becomes the prime cause of this selective sex abortion. Due to which the sex ratio is affected adversely. According to their survey in all states except Chattisgarh where a high number of cases have been filed against illegal sonography, centres have shown adverse effects on the sex ratio. The sex ratio at birth in the last five years has lowered drastically in these places. It has gone below the average of the national ratio, 950 females per 1000 males.I Maharashtra the SRB is 924, Delhi 817, Haryana 836, Punjab 860, Uttar Pradesh 903 and Rajasthan 887.
The presence of such illegal sonography centres gives rise to sex determination which in turn affects the sex ratio in our country. This cycle will keep running until these centres are stopped.