The United States is currently host to just 28 veterinary schools, and only around 2,500 students graduate each year.  The reason this number is low is perhaps that a bachelor’s degree is not required to become a vet, although it is recommended.  Students who complete a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science will not only graduate with a broad understanding of animal care, but they will also be more likely to find a job than those without a degree.

Quality Education and Jobs  recently compiled a list of the top veterinary schools in the United States, and we are going to take a look at the top four in this article.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

From the year to 2000 until 2011, Cornell University College was named as the top place in the country to study veterinary medicine.  It is one of only three schools in the northeast offering a veterinary degree. However, those who graduate are well sought after by employers.  Tuition fees vary depending on your location, with NY state residents receiving discounted fees.  The college also offers masters and Ph.D. degrees for those who want to further their education.

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

This school is based in California and offers a four-year program for veterinary students.  Students will leave with a firm background knowledge of veterinary practices and will also gain practical experience, which they can use after graduation.  Admission to the UC Davis School is tough with only around 10% of applicants being accepted each year.  Residency programs are also available for those based out of state.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University is currently ranked as the third best place to study veterinary medicine according to Quality Education and Jobs.  The university offers doctorate degrees, as well as master’s degrees and Ph.Ds.  Colorado State encourages their students to take a practical stance to education from day one and they focus on this over the theory.  Students also have the opportunity to take work experience in their third and fourth years to prepare themselves for their careers.

Platt College

Platt College enables students to obtain an associate’s degree in veterinary technology in as little as 18 months.  They provide the training and education needed to get started as an entry-level veterinarian.  Students will learn about everything from how to perform x-rays to how to anesthetize animals and provide surgical assistance.  Graduates will leave with an associates of science degree and can either start working straight away or enter on to a more advanced course.  This is a great option for those who want a shorter education and are willing to start at the bottom of a career and work up.

Veterinary science is a great field to study and the career itself is extremely rewarding.  The four above are just the top four schools in the United States. However, there are plenty more available if you would rather study closer to home.  Good luck.