Part-time retail jobs are a boon for students and those seeking to earn some extra income with a side job. Part-time jobs are also excellent ways to get some valuable work experience while pursuing your studies. If working in retail appeals to you, a part-time position will help you assess your interest level.

Finding a new job may not be easy. But with some efforts, you can land a good part-time employment opportunity to better your prospects.

Consider these tips to find a part-time retail job.

Decide on a work place

You can work in a supermarket with hundreds of locations around the country or small retail establishments like your neighborhood grocery store. You can look for work opportunities at job application center of your favorite big box store. You can check their websites for more details on part-time jobs.

You can also ask in-person about job availabilities in the retail stores in your neighborhood. These people may already know you and may offer you a part-time job during their busy seasons. If you like fashion, you can work as a salesperson in a boutique. If food is your interest area, gourmet chocolate shops, bakeries and mall food shops are some of your good options.

Look for work opportunities

For finding part-time jobs, the best time of the year is around the holiday season. Most retail stores advertise positions-for-hire a month before the busy holidayseason. So, start to look for part-time retail jobs in newspapers, storefronts and employment websites.

Also, keep your eyes and ears open to know about the jobs that are not advertised. When you are in a coffee shop, you might hear the manager moaning about not able to find a part-time server. Or you are shopping in a supermarket and hear two employees discussing in the aisle behind you about upcoming part-time jobs next month.

When you are looking for part-time employment, any information you can get can help you with your job search. The availability of part-time jobs during the holiday season can be your opportunity to start your career in the retail industry.

Be flexible

The best way to land a part-time retail job is to remain flexible with your options. If you are strongly set on working only in high-end boutiques, you may be disappointed. Be open to working at any business with respectable policies. You have as much chance to learn and earn money in a neighborhood store as you do with a big retailer.

You also don’t need to stick to the same type of job every holiday season or for your part-time opportunity. You can utilize this time to learn about various industries. Your varied experience can also be valuable for you when it is time for you to find full-time employment. A part-time job in a big supermarket chain can help you learn about working in a fast paced environment. So, if this is a skill you want to learn, look for jobs in big box stores during the holiday season.